Welcoming IMF-WB Annual Meeting, Banyuwangi Set to Prepare Tourism Packages

JAKARTA, NNC – Ahead of 2018 IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting in Bali, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan requested preparations of Banyuwangi Tour Packages.

As Chairman of a National Committee, a Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs requested cross-sector coordination to work in an incorporated means. Harmony in work contingency also be deliberate for a consequence of Indonesia’s name in a eyes of a world. For that, Minister Luhut asked for things that are vital to be finished as shortly as possible, or right before a doing of a IMF-WB Annual Meeting.

“I’ve been to Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi is good, okay, and prepared to accept general delegation. Even after visiting there, we turn some-more and some-more assured that Indonesia as a host, this could be sole to a commission from 189 countries,” pronounced Luhut, in a press recover on Wednesday (3/21/2018).

The IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting will be followed by 18,000 representatives from all over a world. Banyuwangi will be a aegis for Bali. Some critical delegations will land in Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi becomes one of a heading destinations in attracting tourists. In 2017, a series of unfamiliar traveller arrivals to Banyuwangi stood during 98.970 unfamiliar tourists and domestic tourists 4.9 million with sum traveller spending reaching IDR7.7 trillion.

Luhut assessed a willingness of Banyuwangi in welcoming a commission has reached 85 percent. This ranges from infrastructure to destinations, to a attractions.


“Banyuwangi is pleasing and clean. The city is well-organized. Economically, a area is flourishing fast. Mr. Regent works well, and what has been finished by this monarch contingency be supported,” pronounced Luhut.

Meanwhile Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pronounced with correct preparation, a Annual Meeting of IMF-WB will be optimal. This creates a name of Indonesia some-more famous to a whole world.

“This is a suggestion of Indonesia Incorporated. It is a good event. To be successful we have to work together. This is an eventuality to foster Indonesia, _Bali and Beyond_ and Wonderful Indonesia in a petrify way,” pronounced Minister Arief Yahya.

He explained Banyuwangi should be prepared since one third of unfamiliar tourists visiting a range of East Java, also visited Banyuwangi. And in 2018, Banyuwangi was awarded a ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard Award along with Bandung and Surabaya in a 2018 ASEAN Tourism Awards (ASEANTA) Chiang Mai in a 2018 ASEAN Tourism Forum.

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