Warung Pintar acquires a height that connects farmers with approach sellers

Warung Pintar, micro-retail startup formed in Indonesia, strictly announces that it has acquired Limakilo, a height that simplifies food sequence by slicing brief a placement of food from farmers directly to stalls and tiny stores.

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This merger means thousands of Warung Pintar’s partner in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Banyuwangi area will get proceed entrance to see their tack food commodity in Warung Pintar’s digitally-supported stalls.

“The plantation produces granted by Limakilo will assistance a case owners to have a accumulation of products, generally a tack food commodity. Staple food are always on a high approach and will also boost a turnover rate of a case owners. On a other hand, farmers will also have a improved offered cost with wider entrance following a boost in Warung Pintar’s digital stalls. It’s a win-win,” pronounced Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro , Co-founder dan CEO Warung Pintar.

Furthermore, Hadinegoro emphasised on a common prophesy of both companie, that is to boost micro sell capability with record proceed in Indonesia. “Staple food from Limakilo has been checked for a best price, and Warung Pintar is on a consumer finish to yield them with full-range of produces. We wish we can boost a gratification of both farmers and a case owners,” he added.

Warung Pintar was founded in 2017 and focusses on digitalising required store complement in Indonesia regulating record that allows owners to conduct sales and inventories by applications, boost sales by digital ads, and have cashless remuneration system.

Just in January, Warung Pintar received a Series B funding for US$27.5 million to serve a operation. To date, a startup claimed to have over 1200 stalls in Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, and Banyuwangi, and will supplement 5000 some-more stalls in Java island area.

“With a acquisition, Limakilo expects to boost rice reserve from village-based companies to 100 tons this year, 48 some-more tons than final year. We wish we can serve champion a robe of selling from normal stalls to assistance improved a economy of center to low income in Indonesia,” pronounced Walesa Danto, co-founder of Limakilo.

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Limakilo is one of a 5 farm-tech startups that was concerned in Action Synergy Program for a People’s Economy and has perceived seed appropriation from East Ventures to supplement some-more partnerships and sight tiny farmers in a country.

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