Update: Canadian unfit for technological rascal during Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen

UPDATE: It is now been reported that UCI essay 12.1.013 relating to technological rascal being cited as a reason for a suspension was a typo in a foe communique. A foe deputy after reliable to CyclingIQ that it was law 12.0.019 relating to a 6.8kg weight extent was a order applied.

Canadian Nicolas Pierre Magnan of a Singha Infinite Cycling Team was unfit on a final theatre of a International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen for technological rascal according to an central race communique.

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Magnan’s teammates Frechman Peter Pouly, Russian Konstantin Fast and a Singha Infinite Cycling team’s manager Brandon Teo were also unfit underneath UCI order 12.1.013 that covers automatic intrigue during a four-stage race. The International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (UCI 2.2) takes place in Banyuwangi, Indonesia and is partial of a UCI Asia Tour. Pouly was a practical leader of a foe before being disqualified.

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UCI order 12.1.013 states, “Technological rascal is materialised by a presence, within or on a margins of a cycling competition, of a bicycle that does not approve with a supplies of essay 1.3.010 or a use by a rider, within or on a margins of a cycling competition, of a bicycle that does not approve with a supplies of essay 1.3.010.”


Article 1.3.010 of a UCI technical regulations reads, “The bicycle shall be propelled solely, by a chainset, by a legs (inferior robust chain) relocating in a round movement, but electric or other assistance.”

After a final stage, an central foe communique awarded Australian Jai Crawford (Kinan Cycling Team) a altogether win after a suspension of Pouly who was a leader of a foe in 2014 and 2015.

Peter Pouly took to Facebook to urge himself.

“Today my bike was broken by 1 other team. we only satisfied this 1 notation before to start, we went to take another bike Infinite Pulse Team and of march we don’t have time to put it heed to a UCI rules. As good after 30k I beheld a branch of my bike was not close and we need to go to a automobile for repair it.” Pouly wrote. Pouly also trustworthy a print of his burst bike that lead him to go get a replacement.

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