Regent Anas Invites Gojek to Collaborate in Public Services in …

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas visited a bureau of Gojek Indonesia to plead team-work opportunities.

“To comprehend a work together to urge open services,” Anas pronounced in his announcement on Saturday (8/19/2017).

Anas pronounced yesterday he sealed a team-work of airfield expansion during a Ministry of Transportation, afterwards invited to a bureau of Gojek as a follow adult of their revisit to Banyuwangi some time ago.

Anas pronounced there are several things that are collaborated, among them health services, generally a send of ill residents. Banyuwangi Regency Government will yield 3 posts, namely in dual informal hospitals and one open health core (Puskesmas). That way, a fleets in a informal sanatorium can assistance other Puskesmas in need.

“Technical is being discussed with a Department of Communications and Informatics, Health Agency and Gojek. Basically, a participation of Gojek in Banyuwangi we wish not usually for businesses as good as facilities that already exist in them, though also lift a amicable mission. And this is in line with a indication of amicable entrepreneurship that Gojek has finished given a beginning,” pronounced a 44-year-old regent.

Anas wants a participation of Gojek to pierce a internal economy in Banyuwangi, both from a driver’s side and a expansion of tiny and middle enterprises (SMEs), generally SMEs intent in culinary.

“The focus has been downloaded by 44 million users, aready familiar, including for tourists who come to Banyuwangi. For example, they can sequence food while relaxing during night in a hotel. And we ask Gojek to welcome culinary SMEs in a slight alleys, they are SMEs that do not have appropriation for renting shops on a categorical roadside, though have a tasty culinary taste,” he said. (*)


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