Reasons Why You Must Visit Banyuwangi

BANYUWANGI, NNC – Banyuwangi became one of a traveller destinations with augmenting expansion of traveller numbers, generally after a opening of Banyuwangi Airport commercially.

Not usually a healthy beauty that became a bliss for snorkeling or diving fans, several festivals are also hold to attract tourists. By involving 100 Banyuwangi artists stuffing adult 11 stages with 10 opposite themes, a 2.5km informative fair track took place on Sunday, Jul 29.

To support a activities of tourists, Banyuwangi Airport has been improved. Its a airfield with a top expansion rate of 133.5%, followed by Silangit Airport (39.5%), Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport Tanjung Pinang (23.8%), Minangkabau International Airport Padang (20.4%) and Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang (18.5%).

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas says Banyuwangi dubbed “The Sunrise of Java” has 3 criterias as a exigency to turn a categorical destination, including universe tourism attraction, finish ancillary facilities, and easy accessibility.

“We are really unapproachable as growth with such a informative proceed fast raises a gratification of a community. The community’s stream per capita income is IDR45 million per year. For BEC, a thesis changes each year presenting a community’s internal wisdom. BEC does not use eventuality organizer, though a pristine work of a people of Banyuwangi,” Abdullah Azwar Anas pronounced in a press recover on Monday, Jul 30.

The series of traveller arrivals in Banyuwangi has increasing significantly. In a first-half of 2018, a series of tourists rose a poignant 175,878 people from a same duration final year to a sum of 2,589,587 people. 


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