Police seize pressed outlandish animals belonging to justice registrar during Banyuwangi bay raid

While doing pointless inspections yesterday morning on vehicles entering Banyuwangi harbor, a pier that connects East Java to Bali, Banyuwangi Police done a gruesome discovery.

Inside a white outpost driven by a internal proprietor identified as ‘Solikin’ by Bali Post, officers unclosed a taxidermied bodies of 3 stable animals species, a leopard, a singular Javan leopard, and a bird-of-paradise, famous locally as a Cendrawasih bird. The conveyance also enclosed a recorded cobra.

The raid, that was carried out in a diminutive hours of Sunday morning, concerned around 450 crew and was reportedly instituted in response to a spate of puzzling arson attacks on vehicles in Semarang, Java, progressing this month.

According to a news by detiknews, authorities were on a surveillance for explosives, pointy weapons, drugs, and transient arsonists attempting to enter Bali.

But instead, their searches suggested a shipment of pressed outlandish wildlife. Shocked by their findings, military called in officers from a Natural Resource Conservation Center (BKSDA) to inspect and brand a creatures.

Investigations suggested a owners of a outlandish load to be 57-year aged we Gusti Ngurah Wijaya, a surrogate registrar during a Surabaya District Court.

Though Wijaya claimed to have all a authorised paperwork for a stable recorded species, a support he supposing was reportedly insufficient.


Talking to Bali Post, Vivi Primyanti, a deputy from a BKSDA said, “What we found was usually a tenure of upkeep papers when a animals were alive. Even so, it had expired. The ride assent is also really limited.”

Wijaya, who was reportedly tears as military took him in for questioning, claimed that a ornate ornaments had been a gift. “Friends gave them to me; we didn’t buy them. we wanted to ride them to Bali,” he said, as quoted in detiknews.

Banyuwangi Police have not nonetheless announced a charges that Wijaya will face.

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