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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – In countless occurrences, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Minister Susi Pudjiastuti calls for a open to immediately revoke a use of plastic, generally disposable cosmetic bags that are not a singular object used by people in selling centers or normal markets.

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Not prolonged ago, Minister Susi once again pled a public, generally in Banyuwangi, to act now in cleaning a sea and coastlines from cosmetic rubbish before it is too late.

In an Instagram video she posted, she commented on a pleasing view that was disrupted by a steer of cosmetic bottles among swimming fishes. “Among a beautiful fishes, we can see there’s a cosmetic bottle rubbish there. This is saddening,” she pronounced in a video posted on Wednesday, Apr 3, while visiting Bangsring, Banyuwangi.

Furthermore, Susi Pudjiastuti rallied a region’s youths to internal Tabuhan island to attend in cleaning a sourroundings from cosmetic waste. “Come on and safety a ocean, starting from a area in a neighborhood,” she said. “How would [you] able to enjoy healthy fish resources if we continue to infect a usually place they live in.”

The actively environmentally-conscious apportion even pronounced that Indonesia should be ashamed by Kenya, where cosmetic has been done illegal. “I will also make that regulation, during slightest within a Ministry Headquarters,” pronounced Susi Pudjiastuti.


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