Nyepi Day; Bali Port Closed until Friday Morning

ASDP Indonesia Ferry Corporate Secretary, Imelda Alini, pronounced the last boat departing from Ketapang Port left on Wednesday during 23:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB), while a last departure from Gilimanuk Port was at 05:50 Central Indonesia Time (WITA) on Thursday, Mar 7. 

“The temporary closure is to honour the catur brata Nyepi protocol of the Hindu village in Bali today,” Imelda said in a created matter received this morning, Mar 7. 

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The Bali Governor released an official issuance regarding a matter. Besides Banyuwangi, the ferriage from and to Lombok is also closed for 24 hours.

The last depart from Lembar Port to Padangbai was scheduled during 19:30 Central Indonesia Time (WITA), final night, while the final departure from Padangbai to Lembar was during 03:00 WITA today.

The shipping activity will lapse to normal after a Nyepi Day, on Friday morning, Mar 8. Boats from Ketapang will start a operation at 05:00 (WIB) or 06:00 WITA. The operation hour from Gilimanuk Port, Bali, will be practiced to the applicable schedule; above 06:00 WITA.

Meanwhile, a initial depart from Lembar Port is scheduled during 04:30 WITA, and from Padangbai Port during 09:00 WITA.

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