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Tourism Minister Arief Yahya recently trafficked to Banyuwangi in East Java on Nov. 11 to go a opening of Sahid Osing Resort Kemiran Banyuwangi.

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“To tarry a competition, homestays should opt for a pity economy approach. Sahid Osing should also be prepared for digital series that is firm to happen,” told Arief.

“Banyuwangi tourism will urge and will be bigger if Banyuwangi Airport [Blimbingsari Airport] becomes an general airport. Hopefully it can be achieved by Oct subsequent year,” Arief added.

Sahid Hotels and Resorts boss executive Hariyadi Sukamdani pronounced a review is a partnership plan with Banyuwangi informal administration that serves as a owners of a place.

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Sahid Osing Kemiren Banyuwangi is a complicated review that emphasizes on internal culture.

The place boasts a sum area of 7,600 block meters and has 10 villas and 16 bedrooms located in Kemiren Tourist Village.

“We offer a Osing Tribe – a inland people of Banyuwangi – knowledge in this place,” told Hariyadi.

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas pronounced a devalue is owned by a informal administration and was built regulating APBD (regional budget). The government however, is run by a third party, that is a Sahid Hotels and Resorts.

Kemiren Village is an Osing Tribe normal encampment that has been grown into one of a heading traveller attractions in Banyuwangi. Apart from the singular culture, Kemiren also hosts several festivals such as Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu Festival and Tumpeng Sewu Festival. (kes)

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