Jawatan Benculuk, an lively timberland in a hinterland of Banyuwangi – The Jakarta Post

Jawatan Benculuk in Banyuwangi, East Java, is a timberland area that looks accurately like a anticipation timberland we customarily see, or read, in angel tales.

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The trees are so large they can grow taller than 10 meters.

Compared to a other forests in Indonesia, Jawan Benculuk is deliberate a tiny timberland since a sum area is usually 3.8 hectares. Other forests can occupy some-more than 10 hectares of land.

This place is owned by state-owned forestry association Perhutani Banyuwangi and it has dozens of tree and plant varieties, such as teak, salak trees, longan trees, santinet trees and sleet trees.

“Rain trees furnish a lot of oxygen and emanate a healthy and uninformed sourroundings in this forest,” explained Banyuwangi Tourism Agency conduct MY Bramuda.

This stable timberland was determined in 1951. Up until 1962 it was used as a place to batch adult high peculiarity teak timber from around Banyuwangi.

However in 1970, a large looting of teak timber happened that resulted in a abandonment of Jawatan Benculuk.

“But now Jawatan Benculuk has turn a traveller captivate in Banyuwangi that so many people wish to revisit a place,” Bramuda added.

Jawatan Benculuk is a good place for a cruise or do a photoshoot. The comforts here include mushala, toilet, coffee shop, canteen, soccer field, tennis margin and giveaway Wi-Fi

The timberland is located in Benculuk village, about 30 mins from Banyuwangi city, and is open each day from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (kes)

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