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An startling theatre happened during a final theatre of International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (ITdBI) 2017 on Sept. 30. Participants from 29 countries were seen wearing normal sarong, songkok and kopiah (a normal masculine hat) before a foe started.

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“It’s startling for me to wear this costume,” pronounced Matthew Zennovich, a cyclist from New Zealand.

The dress is pronounced to be associated to a local pesantren (Islamic boarding school) tradition in Banyuwangi.

“We are introducing a singular Islam preparation in Indonesia that has a prolonged story and champions for peace. The internal youths who accompany a unfamiliar tourists are tasked to explain about pesantren and a purpose in Indonesia,” pronounced Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas.

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The fourth theatre of a foe took place during Pondok Pesantren Darussalam, Blokagung. The plcae was selected due to a multicultural area. Around the pesantren, visitors could find internal residents who are Hindunese as good as those who follow other religions.

“There has never been any eremite dispute here, we honour and assistance any other in building a area,” told a regent.

ITdBI eventuality ran from Sept. 27 to 30 with participants carrying to tackle a 533-kilometer route. While competing, they got to see several traveller destinations in Banyuwangi, such as Watudodol Beach, Bangsring Underwater, Kakao Hamlet in Glenmore district, and a foothill of Mount Ijen that is famous for a blue flames. (kes)

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