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Banyuwangi in East Java has eremite and chronological attractions that should not be missed by travelers. However, if we customarily have a singular time to try a area, these are a places that we might wish to stop by, as reported by

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Pendopo Sabha Swagata Blambangan

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Located in a core of a city, Pendopo (Javanese gazebo) Sabha Swagata Blambangan is indeed a central chateau of Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, and it was built hundreds of years ago. Although it is open to a public, there are manners that contingency be obeyed, such as seeking for an entrance assent from a officers in front of a residence, wearing suitable garments when visiting and stuffing in a guest book. The officers will lend a batik hang for tourists who are wearing shorts.

Visitors will be guided by Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) officers around a residence. There is a vast pendopo in a front yard and an open space in a backyard where a monarch customarily welcomes his guests. The place also has “Teletubbies Hill” or a tiny mountain for a guest to enjoy. If we are lucky, we could accommodate a monarch here.

Masjid Agung Baiturahman

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Masjid Agung (Great Mosque) Baiturahman is located beside Pendopo Sabha Swagata Blambangan. It is a oldest and largest mosque in Banyuwangi and can accommodate 5,000 people. It was built during a time of Banyuwangi’s initial regent, Mas Alit, in 1772.

Every dilemma of a good mosque is filled with calligraphy and Banyuwangi’s singular motif, Gajah Uling. There are 11 domes during this mosque and a categorical architecture can be shifted, enabling visitors to see a sky from inside a mosque. Furthermore, there is also a hulk Quran that is always used for tadarus (in-depth Quranic study) each Ramadhan. Taman Sritanjung (Sritanjung Park) is accessible for visitors to lay and buy food.

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Kali Lo

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Kali Lo, or Loh Kanti, is a name of a stream that splits a city of Banyuwangi. It is situated behind a Masjid Agung Baiturahman. There is a selfie mark with a credentials of colorful buildings on a corner of a river. The internal supervision has also built a tiny overpass for visitors to cranky a river.

Kelenteng Ho Tong Bio

Kelenteng (Chinese temple) Ho Tong Bio is located on Jl. Ikan Gurami in a center of a encampment in Karangrejo subdistrict. It is a oldest request place for Confucian believers in East Java and Bali as it was built in 1784. Although a church was burnt down in 2014, it had been renovated.

Boom Beach

Located in Mandar village, Boom Beach is a good mark to suffer a morning as it directly faces a Bali Strait. This area is also used as a jetty for a largest yacht in Indonesia. People can expostulate their possess vehicles to enter a beach.

Cacalan Beach

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Cacalan Beach sits to a north of Banyuwangi, in Klatak subdistrict. The beach, that is famous for a black sand, is comparatively easy to reach. Visitors can suffer some of a attractions here, from horse-riding to sampling some internal delicacies. (wir/asw)

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