Indonesia: Hammer-and-Sickle Banner during Rally Leads to Arrest

Indonesian environmental activists cursed a detain this week of one of their possess for allegedly displaying a ensign displaying comrade black during an anti-mining criticism in East Java range behind in April.

Communism is outlawed in Indonesia, and romantic Heri Budiawan (alias Budi Pego), has been in control given his Sept. 4 detain by a Banyuwangi District Attorney’s office.

“Budi Pego has been indicted of swelling communism by displaying a ensign with a hammer-and-sickle printed on it during a criticism opposite a internal bullion cave operation,” associate romantic Agnes Deva told BenarNews. She is a coordinator of For Banyuwangi, an classification seeking environmental probity in a region.

She pronounced Budi, 37, a obvious internal anti-mining activist, was picked adult on guess of being concerned with a criminialized Indonesia Communist Party (PKI).

On Oct. 18, 1965, 62 members of Ansor, a girl wing of a largest Indonesian Muslim organization, were killed by PKI sympathizers in a Banyuwangi regency, heading a supervision to announce communism illegal. At slightest 500,000 Indonesians died during a inhabitant anti-communist inform that targeted suspected PKI members in 1965 and 1966.

Police central M. Lufti pronounced Budi was arrested for a crime opposite inhabitant confidence tied to a criticism convene opposite a Tumpang Pitu bullion cave on Apr 4.

The rapist supervision states: “Those who publicly dedicate crimes verbally, written, or by other media, widespread or rise communism, Marxism, Leninism in any attempt, will be condemned to a limit of 12 years in prison.”


Budi’s lawyer, Subagio, pronounced military built a censure opposite his client, adding they could not benefaction justification of a ensign other than a set of photographs of a ensign with a hammer-and-sickle.

“Such arrests have been ordinarily used by law enforcers once there is a criticism hold opposite mining companies,” pronounced Subagio, who uses one name, according to  He skeleton to record a petition to postpone a charges.

Agnes pronounced military did not have adequate justification to assign Budi, adding she questioned a banner’s authenticity. She is assured it was not displayed by Budi and other protesters.

“We all clearly remember there were 11 banners done to be displayed during a criticism and zero of those had a produce and sickle printed on them,” she said.

“Local military and residents were also there. If a activists done such a ensign displaying a produce and sickle, they would have been aware. Police could have stopped a criticism and arrested anyone fasten in,” she said.

On Thursday, Budi’s residence was quiet.

“His family told us they would no longer be accessible to accommodate a press for any kind of interview,” Agnes said.

Targeting environmentalists

Herlambang P. Wiratraman, conduct of a authorised and tellurian rights studies during a University of Airlangga, pronounced Budi’s detain was tied to his activism opposite mining companies, and had zero to do with a comrade party. He pronounced a tarnish opposite communism in Indonesia was used to stop activists’ efforts opposite mining companies.

He pronounced a criticism erupted since a understanding permitting a mining operation did not embody adequate submit from a community, along with a miss of open information per a plan including intensity environmental damage.

Tekad Garuda, a land supervision advocacy group, pronounced there had been 5 attempts to record rapist charges opposite 11 activists protesting opposite a mine.

Such arrests would run opposite to a Environmental Protection and Management act determined in 2009 that states, those who quarrel for their right to live in a healthy and correct sourroundings can't be charged with crimes or polite penalties.

In Sep 2015, environmental romantic Salim Kancil was killed and his cousin assaulted while they protested opposite silt mining in East Java. About 6 months later, 35 suspects, including dual internal supervision officials, were charged with a assaults.

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