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The Jakarta Post looks during a prospects of a 2019 economy to see a potentials amid hurdles acted by a tellurian environment. Compiled by Marchio Irfan Gorbiano, Norman Harsono, Rachmadea Aisyah, Riska Rahman, Riza Roidila Mufti, Stefanno Reinard Sulaiman and Winny Tang, this is partial dual of a outlook:


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Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) conduct Thomas Lembong responded with a grin when reporters asked him in Dec possibly he was confident about a investment meridian in 2019.

His grin might dawdle on his face as Indonesia viewed several pieces of good news toward a finish of 2018 that could boost investment in 2019, particularly that of a government’s merger of a Grasberg bullion and copper cave in Papua from Freeport McMoRan.

The supervision also viewed news of a intensity $1 billion investment by Pegatron Corp., a Chinese association that assembles iPhones, to build a prolongation plant in Riau Islands, in further to a Rp 12 trillion ($824.9 million) investment devise by Korean automaker Hyundai to build an Indonesian bureau with a ability of producing 250,000 cars annually. 

University Indonesia’s Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM UI) has foresee a improved investment meridian in 2019, generally after a presidential and legislative elections in April, in further to Indonesia’s approaching alleviation in capturing investment intensity from companies evading a United States-Chinese trade fight and relocating their prolongation plants out of China.


Energy policies in 2019 will approaching have a identical idea as in 2018, that is to safeguard a many affordable fuel and electricity, that mostly comes from unwashed energy, via a country. 

Therefore, hoary fuel will continue to expostulate Indonesia’s appetite zone this year and is approaching to get special diagnosis from a government, possibly in terms of incentives or policies. 

In Mar 2018, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo systematic a Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry to safeguard a affordability of fuel and electricity prices until a finish of 2019. 

However, a tiny pierce by a supervision to proviso out hoary fuel by augmenting a consistent rate of biofuel to diesel fuel from 20 percent, that was enforced in Sep 2018, to 30 percent by 2020 might have stress in 2019.

 A 20-percent blended biodiesel ( B20 ) gas station.A 20-percent blended biodiesel ( B20 ) gas station. (Courtesy of/The Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (Gapki) )

The biodiesel process is approaching to be a usually vital expansion in renewable appetite as zone experts and players recently approaching that 2019’s domestic year would delayed down efforts to have cleaner energy, including investment in it. 


The supervision is progressing a aim of 20 million unfamiliar arrivals and 275 million domestic tourists in 2019, notwithstanding acknowledging that it was doubtful to strech a 2018 aim of 17 million unfamiliar arrivals as a outcome of healthy disasters that strike a country.  

In an bid to grasp a 2019 target, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pronounced a supervision had prepared 3 unusual programs — boosting cross-border tourism, generally during intensity entrance points like Riau Islands; substantiating tourism hubs in adjacent countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia; and opening a low-cost depot (LCCT) during Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

The supervision also aims to boost meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) tourism, that is viewed to attract high-spending tourists, as good as a millennial tourism market.


Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution pronounced a supervision had set a aim of completing 79 inhabitant vital projects (PSN) out of a sum of 223 before a finish of a 2019 third quarter.

President Jokowi recently pronounced several vital projects, such as a Kuala Tanjung Port in North Sumatra and Makassar New Port in South Sulawesi, were scheduled for execution early 2019. A series of fee roads, including Batang-Semarang and Salatiga-Surakarta in Central Java, Banyuwangi [East Java]-Merak [West Java] were scheduled for execution during a finish of 2018. 


The Transportation Ministry is approaching to exercise a new law on online transport services in May 2019. The new law facilities smallest use standards (SPM) in security, safety, amenity, affordability and orderliness of vehicles. The method is also operative on another law on online motorcycle taxis that is approaching to be introduced in 2019.

An MRT sight passes over JL Sisingamanganraja, South Jakarta, during a hearing  run on Tuesday. The MRT is approaching to start operation in Mar 2019, with an estimated transport of Rp 700 (5 US cents) to Rp 850 per kilometer.An MRT sight passes over JL Sisingamanganraja, South Jakarta, during a hearing run on Tuesday. The MRT is approaching to start operation in Mar 2019, with an estimated transport of Rp 700 (5 US cents) to Rp 850 per kilometer. (The Jakarta Post/Seto Wardhana)

The method also expects several transport infrastructure projects to be finished in a nearby future, including a MRT in Greater Jakarta and several airports that are approaching to significantly boost tourism. 

Digital economy

The internal digital economy is projected to grow significantly in 2019, roving on a movement of egotistic expansion projections, financier certainty and supervision support.

A Google-Temasek news expelled in Nov estimated that a distance of Indonesia’s digital economy could triple from US$27 billion this year to $100 billion by 2025 – equal to annual expansion of about $10.4 billion.

The news also predicts that expansion will be led by e-commerce, online travel, ride-hailing services and online media, approaching to be followed by financial record (fintech).

A McKinsey Company news expelled in Dec predicts that Indonesia’s e-commerce zone alone might grow during slightest sevenfold from $8 billion final year to $55 billion by 2022.

Meanwhile, a new Bain Company consult found that 49 percent of investors believed that Indonesia would be a second-hottest digital economy marketplace in Southeast Asia in 2019, trailing only after Singapore.

Similarly, a Google-Temasek news found that Indonesian startups cumulative a second-highest normal investment ($5 million) in a segment this year, after Singapore’s normal of $6 million.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara was bullish in his perspective of Indonesia’s digital economy, observant he approaching to see Indonesia’s fifth unicorn and initial decacorn (company valued during some-more than $10 billion) by a finish of subsequent year.

However, technical hurdles sojourn for a digital economy, such as cybersecurity and electronic remuneration systems, that are a tip concerns among businesses, according to a new Dell Technologies consult and a Google-Temasek report.

Another dire regard is a necessity of learned digital talents, who might design income increases of adult to 50 percent if they pierce jobs subsequent year, according to a Robert Walters survey.

To residence a shortage, digital education programs were instituted this year by private and open zone total such as Minister Rudiantara, who affianced to sight 20,000 internal digital talents in 2019, and Alibaba owner Jack Ma, who affianced to sight 1,000 internal developers each year for a subsequent 10 years.

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