From plantation to kiosk: Indonesian micro-retail startup Warung Pintar acquires Limakilo

Warung Pintar, a micro-retail startup from Indonesia, acquired Limakilo, a height that connects farmers directly to food stalls and food vendors. This merger allows thousands of “Warung Pintar” stalls in several tools of Indonesia to sell tack food equipment during their digitally-enhanced kiosks, according to an central announcement.

As a outcome of merging Limakilo’s services with Warung Pintar, case owners can entrance a some-more different operation of tack dishes such as rice, cooking oil, brownish-red sugar, shallots, potatoes, and salt. In return, a farmers in Limakilo’s network benefit larger entrance to a marketplace and a improved offered price. The partnership is directed during improving a grassroots economies in Indonesia, said Walesa Danto, co-founder of Limakilo in a statement.

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Established in 2017, Warung Pintar, or “smart kiosk”, is a startup that helps to technology normal Indonesian roadside vendors. Warung Pintar’s merger of Limakilo comes shortly after Warung Pintar finished a Series B appropriation round. The startup lifted US$27.5 million from investors such as SMDV, Vertex, Pavilion Capital, Line Ventures, Digital Garage, Agaeti, Triputra, Jerry Ng, and EV GrowCurrently, it operates over 1,200 stalls in Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, and Banyuwangi, and skeleton to open 5000 new stalls in Java.

Limakilo lifted a seed turn in 2016. It’s an agritech startup that wants to yield farmers with a “widest probable marketplace access”. It addresses a problem many Indonesian farmers face: they’re forced to sell their furnish during a really low cost to middlemen since they miss a network and expertise to sell directly to consumers.

Limakilo says it targets to grow a rice supply from encampment enterprises from 48 tonnes in 2018 t0 100 tonnes this year by a partnership with Warung Pintar.

Editor: Nadine Freischlad

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