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Banyuwangi regency has designed several events over a prolonged Idul Fitri holiday. Get your camera ready, as these festivals will be a prominence of your holiday.

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Barong Ider Bumi

Barong Ider Bumi is a village-cleaning protocol hold annually by residents of Kemiren village, Glagah district, Banyuwangi. The century-old protocol facilities a parading of a Barong statue, that is believed by locals to be a fabulous quadruped that guards a village. Residents will also attend in informative performances along a streets of Kemiren village. 

Diaspora Banyuwangi gathering

A entertainment of diaspora from Banyuwangi will be hold on a 3rd of Syawal (May 17) at a Pendopo Shaba Swagata Blambangan, located in a heart of a city. The annual eventuality is hold by a Banyuwangi regency administration to promote a entertainment of Banyuwangi people who have lived outward a nation and with locals. The eventuality will also underline Banyuwangi cuisine and is open to a public. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is scheduled to attend. 

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Seblang Olehsari

The fabulous dance called seblang olehsari routinely starts on a 3rd or 4th of Syawal (May 17 or 18), or as educated by Olehsari encampment elders. The dance lasts for 7 uninterrupted days in a Syawal month and is achieved by a pure in a coma mode. Spectators might attend as a dancer might entice people to dance together. The dance starts each day in a afternoon and finishes in a evening. On a seventh day, a dancer is paraded around a village. 

Puter Kayun tradition

Held to respect encampment ancestors, locals will float a horse-drawn carriage from their encampment in Boyolangu to a internal beach. Those who are not transportable by a carriage are giveaway to follow fit with their private cars, trucks or motorbikes. The participants of this outing will suffer a community cruise on a beach. (asw)

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