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Banyuwangi in East Java is not customarily home to monumental plateau and beautiful beaches. It also offers a innumerable of juicy culinary options, from rujak soto to nasi tempong.

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Below are some of a dishes that contingency be sampled when roving to a region, as gathered by

Rujak soto

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For those informed with rujak (sliced fruit and vegetables served with sharp palm sugarine dressing) and soto (aromatic soup), a name of this sold image might sound rather confusing. It is indeed a multiple of rujak sayur (vegetable rujak) and soto babat (beef tripe soup), ensuing in a really singular taste.

The image is comprised of several forms of veggies, peanut salsa and petis (shrimp paste).

The peanut salsa is pronounced to be churned with salt, boiled peanuts, brownish-red sugar, tamarind fruit and pisang batu muda (a form of banana with seeds in it). That mixture is afterwards total with boiled vegetables like kangkung (Chinese H2O spinach), prolonged beans, cabbage and boiled tofu and tempeh. Usually labelled around Rp 10,000 (less than US$1), it is mostly served alongside a play of delicious beef tripe soup.

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Pecel rawon

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Those who sequence this image in Banyuwangi should design to accept a image of nasi pecel (rice with nut-based salsa accompanied by vegetables, like spinach and bean sprouts) and a play of rawon (black bulb soup). The image also comes with juicy extras, like boiled prawns, boiled beef, boiled cow lung and rempeyek kacang (peanut wafers).

Usually accessible for between Rp 5,000 and Rp 10,000, pecel rawon not customarily offers a abounding ambience of spices though also a rather sweet-yet-subtle ambience of sambal pecel (pecel sauce).

Sego cawuk

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Usually served during breakfast, sego cawuk can simply be found via Banyuwangi, generally in places inhabited by the Using tribe.

It consists of a portion of steamed rice and a play of soup with immature grated coconut, grilled baby corn, cucumber, chili, red onion, garlic and some tamarind. The final outcome is a refreshing, sharp taste.

Sego cawuk customarily goes for between Rp 7,000 and Rp 15,000, alongside pepes ikan laut (steamed sea fish wrapped in a banana leaf), kikil (cow trotter), dendeng (beef jerky) and telur pindang (Javanese braised egg).

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Jangan kesrut

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Famous for a confidant red tone and spicy, uninformed aroma, jangan kesrut is accompanied by steamed rice, a square of thick and crunchy tempeh and kala gepuk (shredded grilled chicken), a specialty of Banyuwangi. For a filling, a image is customarily offering with dual options: beef or kikil.

The soup itself consists of several ingredients, such as vast chili, cabe rawit (bird’s eye chili), tomatoes, scallions, terasi (shrimp paste), salt, sugarine and bilimbi.

Note that really few restaurants offer this dish. Try Warung Olgha during Jl. DI Panjaitan 49 Lateng if a you’d like to try it.

Nasi tempong

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This image is fundamentally steamed rice with Banyuwangi-style sambal (chili sauce). The sambal is always uninformed as it is customarily made-to-order. 

Nasi tempong is customarily served alongside a package of boiled side dishes, like tempeh, tofu, perkedel jagung (corn fritters) and tainted fish.

Priced between Rp 12,000 and Rp 15,000, design to accept 3 plates when grouping this food, for a rice, several boiled vegetables and a few side dishes. (kes)

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