First Lady Promotes Public Waste Reduction Campaign in Banyuwangi

TEMPO.CO, Banyuwangi – First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo launched a open rubbish rebate debate in Banyuwangi, East Java Province, on Monday.

Iriana urged women to revoke a use of cosmetic in sequence to diminution a volume of cosmetic waste. The initial lady pronounced single-use cosmetic will be criminialized in stages.

Iriana planted a longan tree and symbolically distributed 1,500 orange trees, 250 longan trees, and 250 mango trees to internal women and schools.

She also demonstrated a stairs of correct palm soaking in sequence to forestall diseases.

Iriana was accompanied by Second Lady Mufidah Kalla and a wives of ministers grouped in a Solidarity Action Organization of a Working Cabinet Era (OASE-KK).

Upon attainment during a Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi District on Monday morning, they were greeted by East Java Governor Soekarwo and Commander of a Regional Military Command V/Brawijaya Major General Arip Rahman.


They visited early childhood preparation (PAUD) Muslimat Khodijah 157 during Rogojampi that accommodates some 50 children.

Iriana and Mufidah took partial in an exercise, planted hydroponic plants, and cleared their hands along with a children.

They after presented propagandize still and eating apparatus to a children.

Their other bulletin in Banyuwangi included an anti-narcotic debate and a revisit to a small- and medium-scale attention center.


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