Ethnic Carnival Showcases Banyuwangi Culture and Traditions

Azwar thanked a Tourism Ministry for stability to support festivals in Banyuwangi.

The BEC festival is usually one of 72 festivals hold in Banyuwangi via a year.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pronounced Banyuwangi has some-more events in a bulletin than any other district in a country, that means it has finished really good to safety internal enlightenment and traditions.

“What Banyuwangi has finished is a good instance of ‘cultural affirmation.’ And it has really brought some-more visitors to a district. The Sunrise of Java [Banyuwangi] is good on a approach to turn a heading traveller destination,” Puan said.

Since a initial iteration in 2011, BEC, distinct other festivals of identical ilk, has always showcased internal talents.

This year, BEC brings out 160 internal designers to emanate outlandish costumes with a thesis “Majestic Ijen,” desirous by a beauty of a district’s famous Mount Ijen.

The costumes are dominated by a tone blue to illustrate a blue glow seen in a volcano’s sulphur mines.


One of these internal talents, who got their initial mangle creation outfits for BEC, is Annisa Feby Chaurina. She is now an achieved racial dress engineer who has won many inhabitant and general awards.

One of Feby’s creations, Barong Sunar Udara, a lion-themed normal costume, won a Best National Costume endowment during a Miss Supermodel International 2016 eventuality in New Delhi, India.

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