Eight Must Visit Places in Banyuwangi

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Because of a geographic location, Banyuwangi, also famous as The Sunrise of Java, owns a series of beaches value visiting. The city also has Meru Betiri National Park that offers multiple of severe wildlife knowledge and scenic beach.

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Here are 8 healthy traveller destinations that turn reasons since one contingency revisit Banyuwangi on a east-most tip of East Java.

Red Island

The surfers’ favorite place can be a stopover place for those who can make time to arrive during Rajegwesi beach before dark. The island is around 70 kilometers from Banyuwangii downtown. If your categorical end is Rajegwesi and we over late during noon, it is endorsed to revisit Red Island on your approach behind home from Sukamade.

Rajegwesi Beach

The beach is located inside a area of Meru Betiri National Park and no one will be during a park’s embankment when a dark. If we are formulation to stay in, arrange your outing so that we can arrive in a afternoon. You can also ask around to stay during homestays accessible for around Rp150,000 per night. The cost embody one room and cooking and breakfast for two.

Green Bay

This green-water beach can be reached by walking or renting motorcycle taxi. It is 3.5 kilometers from people’s housing in Rajegwesi. The beach is located behind a mountain and we will pass Batu (stone) beach on before nearing during this beach.

Stone Beach

This beach used to have white sandy beach before tsunami strike in 1994. Now, a sands are lonesome with stones that gives sold and appealing view. However, many tourists tend to skip a beauty of this materialisation since their categorical end is Green Bay.

Sukamade Beach

Differently from other beaches on Rajegwesi-Sukamade route, a 3.5-kilometer-long beach faces directly to a Indian Ocean. The severe waves turn a reason since people are banned to float here. The place becomes a refuge for sea turtles to lay their eggs.

Meru Betiri National Park

Meru Betiri National Park covers 58,000 sum area, 845 hectares of that is water. Administratively, a park is located on dual regencies, Banyuwangi and Jember. Meru Betiri is home to a series of stable animals such as bull, crab-eating macaque, and Javan tiger.

Plengkung Beach

The beach is also famous as G-Land and it becomes favorite end for surfers from around a world. It is located in Grajagan Bay, Alas Purwo National Park. Tourists from Bali can strech a place in a half-day highway trip.


Muncar is Indonesia’s second-largest fishing pier after Bagan Siapiapi. The pier is confronting to Bali Strait.


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