East Java BNN foils try to send pot to Bali

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) – The East Java National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has nabbed 3 suspected members of a drug associate and confiscated a sum of 19.93 kilograms of pot to be sent to Bali from Banyuwangi, East Java.

East Java BNN Chief Brig.Gen Bambang Budi Santoso pronounced a 3 were arrested alone with a initial identified as NR (33) from Glenmore, nabbed during Jalan Jember in Banyuwangi on Mar 23.

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BNN confiscated a box of 14 packages of pot totaling 12.07 kg from NR. The anti drug officers also seized a mobile phone, income Rp400,000, and a Honda motorbike from a suspect.

The think told a BNN officers that he perceived sequence from dual group identified as Pak Mat and Pak Suki in Bali to move a drug to be handed over to someone during Hotel Duta Banyuwangi, Bmabang pronounced here on Wednesday.

Investigations showed that a orders from both Pak Mat and Pak Suki were perceived by NR around a same palm phone, that was traced to a Grobogan jail in Bali, Bambang pronounced on Wednesday.

Further investigations led to a detain of SK (34) from Muncar, Banyuwangi. The BNN officers also confiscated 7 kg of pot in 9 packs, a palm phone and a Honda motorcycle.

“The 19.93 kg of pot were to be sent to Bali around Jember by a bearer identified as DD . DD was to lift a unlawful drug to Denpasar, though before he did he was arrested by BNN,” Bambang said.

He pronounced a existence of Pak Mat and Pak Suki, who were during a Grobogan jail formed on a addressed shown in a palm phone of NR have nonetheless to be confirmed.

Coordination would be indispensable with a law authorities in Bali to entirely expose a syndicate, he said.

The pot came from Bireuen, Aceh, brought to Banyuangi by craft from a Kualanamu airfield of Medan, he pronounced but giving sum who brought a pot from Kualanamu to Banyuangi.

Bambang pronounced formed on information from a suspects they perceived sequence from someones in jail.

Former BNN Chief Com.Gen. Budi Waseso pronounced many drug traffics in a nation were tranquil by convicts in jail cells.


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