Despite FPI warning of God’s wrath, Banyuwangi’s Gandrung Sewu Festival will go on

Following an conflict by masked assailants that led to termination of a normal Javanese sedekah laut rite in Cental Java’s Bantul regency on Saturday, another informative festival in Banyuwangi, East Java, has motionless to lift on notwithstanding antithesis from a internal hardline Islamic group.

The jubilee in a spotlight is Saturday’s Gandrung Sewu Festival, a prominence of that is a large dance exhibition. Gandrung is a form of normal dance achieved in many tools of Indonesia though that is generally closely associated to Banyuwangi. Originally achieved as a protocol for Dewi Sri, a enchantress of rice and fertility, it developed into some-more of a courtship dance and, now, a vital traveller attraction. This year’s festival is set to underline a record violation 1,314 dancers.

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Although a festival is generally really popular, this year it was denounced by a Banyuwangi bend of a Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), that released a minute observant they strictly deserted a event.


Essentially, a logic in a minute is that, since a Gandrung Sewu festival has animistic origins and associations, it could trigger a rage of God in a form of a healthy disaster identical to a harmful trembler and tsunami that struck Central Sulawesi on Sep 28.

Banyuwangi FPI personality H. Agus Iskandar told a media that a letter, and a hazard of God’s anger, were both really real.

“Yes, that is a statement. The indicate is to advise people so they are not punished by God for indulging in such disobedience. The disaster in Palu contingency be a counterpart for Banyuwangi residents,” Agus told reporters on Thursday as quoted by Detik.

However, Agus also pronounced a minute was only a warning and if a organizers motionless to lift out a festival afterwards FPI would not take movement opposite it.

The authority of this year’s festival, Budianto, pronounced the festival would go on as designed as they did not consider FPI’s rejecting constituted a poignant problem. He also argued that a dance was quite an art opening though any eremite connotation.

Hopefully a festival will go off tomorrow though carrying to understanding with anything like what happened to final week’s sedekah laut rite in Bantul. On a night before that eventuality was set to take place, a organisation of about 50 masked group went to a beach and started destroying tables and chairs set adult for a ceremony. The rite was eventually canceled while a assailants sojourn unidentified.

The sedekah laut rite in circuitously Cilacap did take place final Friday, though in a week before, banners disapproval a event, carrying messages like “Jangan Larung Sesaji Karena Bisa Tsunami” (Don’t do offerings since it can means a tsunami) and “Make a Tourism Program that Doesn’t Incur God’s Wrath” caused debate in a area.

Those banners had been put adult by the Cilicap bend of a hardline Muslim People’s Forum (FUI), who eventually concluded to take down a banners following serious critique by locals.

The discuss of a tsunami in a banners was also no doubt a anxiety to a disasters in Central Sulawesi, with a import being that a sedekah laut rite is a form of shirik (in Islam, actions that support idolatry or polytheism) that could make God indignant and so means healthy disasters.

The thought that those disasters were caused due to God’s annoy has unfortunately found a clever following among some Muslim in Indonesia. In further to countless anecdotal reports we’ve listened about Muslim preachers blaming filth for a disaster in Central Sulawesi, there is indeed a swindling speculation that it was caused by a existence of a relic that resembled a figure of an eye — that is a pointer of Dajjal, a Islamic Anti-Christ — in a circuitously regency of Mamuju in West Sulawesi (the relic was even broken by a internal supervision on Oct. 11 due to fear caused by a swindling theory).

The speculation says that a people of Mamuju were going to lift out a sacrificial protocol for a sea gods on a day of a disaster. Some, such as reverend Zulkifli M Ali in a video next (which has over 2 million views) explain that it was that irreverent idolatry that led to a disasters which, behind in a genuine world, caused over 2,000 people to be killed and over 5,000 feared to be missing.


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