Cycling competition – Teams from 22 countries to attend in Tour de Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi, E Java  (ANTARA News) – A sum of 20 teams from 22 countries will take partial in a 2018 Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (ITdBI) bike competition in East Java to be hold on Sept 26-29.

The ITdBI organizing committee`s Chairman, Guntur Priambodo, done a remarks here on Thursday, adding that all participants had voiced willingness to participate.

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The 20 teams will be from countries including New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Erythria, Greece, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Japan, a Netherlands, China, and Slovenia.

“The climbing trail to Mount Ijen is a many energetically awaited, as it is one of a extremes in Asia, with an altitude of 1,871 meters above sea turn (masl) or exceeds a Genting Highland stand in Malaysia`s Tour de Langkawi, that is some 1,500 masl. Everything will be all-out on a Ijen hill, so it is really exciting,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Banyuwangi District Head Abdullah Azwar Anas explained that a cycling race, as partial of a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) competition series, will cover 4 stages, with a track covering 599 kilometers.

According to Anas, Banyuwangi consistently hold ITdBI, and this year, it will be a seventh book as a form of joining by a informal supervision to minister to Indonesia in organizing general events.

“We wish that this eventuality would prominence a certain aspects about Indonesia to a world,” he noted.

In addition, he remarked that this eventuality increased tourism, with a attainment of domestic and unfamiliar representatives and cycling enthusiasts.

“The Tour de Ijen naturally raises open recognition of a Ijen Crater as a higher destination, with a tellurian blue fire phenomenon,” Anas stated.

The Banyuwangi monarch also remarkable that a riders will be invited to try a pleasing scenery of Bumi Blambangan to competition opposite a impassioned hurdles of Mount Ijen. All routes are complete, starting from rural, plantation, and mountains, to beaches.

Reporting by Masuki M Astro
Editing by Bustanuddin 

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