Cycling: Elga, Therkelsen champions of Banyuwangi BMX International

Banyuwangi (ANTARA News) – Southeast Asia BMX racer from Indonesia Elga Kharisma Novanda and Jimmi Therkelsen from Denmark came out as a champions of a Banyuwangi International BMX foe finale here on Sunday.

Elga emerged as a champion in a womens chosen while Therkelsen from a mens during a foe hold during Muncar Circuit in a district of Banyuwangi, East Java.

In a second spin Elga showed her courage before thousands of spectators. From a start to a initial spin a lady from Malang, East Java, showed her mastery and after that she was overshadowed by Thai racer Chutikan Kitwanitsathian.

Before a finish line a Thai foe however had to contest firmly opposite Regina Patricia Panie from a Indonesian range of West Nusa Tenggara and Cupti Novianti from West Java to say her position giving an advanuutage to Elga and creation her to strech a finish line first, followed by Kitwanitsathian and Regina.

“The feat meets a target. From a commencement we have indeed wished to spin a champion in a event,” she pronounced after a race.

She pronounced a feat increasing her indicate collection to 100 for use to accommodate a championships in Japan and Thailand.

“Two weeks after this eventuality we will go to Japan and after that we will substantially ensue to Thailand,” she said.


Tight foe occurred in a mens chosen final spin in that Indonesian racer, Tony Syarifudin, who is being neat to contest in a Olympic Games 2016 unsuccessful to urge his performance.

In a second spin this time, Tony had to be confident with his third position.

The initial position was taken by Jimmi Therkelsen from Denmark and a runner-up position was taken by Nonthakon Inkhoksong from Thailand.

Indonesias other National Training Center racer, Rio Akbar, finished fourth.

Therkelsen achieved impressively from a start of a foe with Tony following him before his position was taken over by Inkhoksong in a initial turn. Tony attempted to take a scheme in a third spin though his bid failed.

After being incompetent to perform maximally in a eventuality Tony pronounced he wished to recompense for it by behaving improved in a series of other general events.

“I have to continue to attend in a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Point Race since a deadline for indicate collection is on May 31,” a racer from Solo, Central Java, said.

After competing in Banyuwangi, Tony would take partial in a events in Japan and Thailand. “My report is a same as Elgas,” he said.

The youth mens chosen champion pretension was taken by Kyle Green from Australia.(*)

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