Committee we of DPD Impromptu Visit, Inspecting Banyuwangi Smart Village

BANYUWANGI, NNC – Committee we of a Regional Representatives Council (DPD) was conducting a operative revisit to Banyuwangi Regency in sequence to see a doing of encampment development, generally associated to a function of information and communication record (ICT) to support open services during a encampment level.

Vice Chairman of Committee 1 of DPD Benny Rhamdani who became a personality of a environment pronounced a growth of encampment administration in Banyuwangi has been regulating well. Moreover, several programs instituted by district supervision can be synergistic with a village. “I consider a encampment growth bid in Banyuwangi is going well, we can give it a plus,” Benny told reporters on Monday (12/4/2017).

While in Banyuwangi, a 4 members of DPD visited a series of open use locations, a open use mall that is a open use core that integrates 142 forms of services from several sectors, Ketapang Village whose race information has been integrated into a system, and Tamansari encampment – a commander for intelligent encampment (Smart Kampung).

Meanwhile, Vice Regent of Banyuwangi Yusuf Widiyatmoko explained, it is good wakeful that a encampment should be a front ensure of open service.

“Banyuwangi already has Smart Kampung, a encampment growth module from several sectors regulating information record (IT). This is partial of supervision efforts, to be means to approach a Village Fund in suitability with a suggestion of a credentials of a Village Law,” he said.

“We also ready a e-village budgeting complement and e-monitoring complement so that a doing of creation in a encampment can be accountable, so that a encampment officers are also gentle to work since a shortcoming is in suitability with a system,” combined Yusuf.

For information, Smart Kampung of Banyuwangi requires a existence of 7 criteria, namely open services, mercantile empowerment, health services, educational and informative humanities development, tellurian resources improvement, misery alleviation, and authorised information literacy. All these criteria are assisted by a function of ICT, where there are now 133 villages with fiber optic.


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