Citilink to pleasure Malaysian travelers with new Banyuwangi-Kuala Lumpur track – The Jakarta Post

National dwindle conduit Garuda Indonesia’s low-cost subsidiary, Citilink, is slated to open a Kuala Lumpur-Banyuwangi approach round-trip track on Dec. 19.

random post reported that a approximately three-hour flights would be served by Airbus A-320 with a ability of 180 passengers.

Banyuwangi Transportation Agency secretary Ali Ruchi told kompas.comthat a route’s tickets could be purchased online around a carrier’s central website,, or directly during Citilink counters. Purchasing by other platforms is probable as well, he added.

This track targets Malaysian tourists seeking to suffer a East Java city’s healthy attractions, generally a Ijen Crater, according to Banyuwangi Culture and Tourism Office conduct Bramuda.

“Because Malaysia has no volcanoes,” he explained.

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Religious Indian Tamil groups, that comment for 10 percent of Malaysia’s sum population, are also this route’s specific targets. Agung Blambangan Temple in Muncar and Agung Kawitan Temple in Alas Purwo National Park in a city are really renouned among Hindus, Bramuda said.

According to a schedule, a Banyuwangi-Kuala Lumpur moody will skip from Banyuwangi during 8:20 a.m. and arrive in Kuala Lumpur during 12:10 p.m. The conflicting moody will skip from a Malaysian collateral during 1:20 p.m. and arrive during 3:10 p.m. (iru/mut)


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