Citilink eyes new track from Banyuwangi to Kuala Lumpur – The Jakarta Post

Garuda Indonesia’s low-cost auxiliary Citilink has suggested skeleton to open a new ubiquitous track from Banyuwangi in East Java to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on Tuesday.

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“Today we are in Banyuwangi to strengthen this ubiquitous track devise as good as check on a credentials of Banyuwangi’s Blimbingsari Airport to turn an ubiquitous airport,” PT Citilink Indonesia blurb executive Andy Adrian Febriyanto pronounced in a matter on Tuesday.

Andy pronounced Banyuwangi was deliberate a earnest market, as a tourism characteristics were rarely appealing to Malaysian tourists, starting with a enlightenment and landscape to a internal impression and cuisine.

“The stream trend among Malaysian tourists is journey tourism, such as hiking in a inhabitant parks. Banyuwangi has all of that with a Ijen Crater and a inhabitant parks of Meru Betiri and Alas Purwo,” he added.

Its vicinity to Bali was a ancillary factor, permitting tourists to revisit Bali after exploring Banyuwangi.

Flight operations on a approach track are approaching to start in a fourth entertain this year, following a execution of infrastructure enhancements during Blimbingsari Airport.

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State-owned airfield user Angkasa Pura II is now pulling for improvements of a airstrip and apron, as a airfield will offer to acquire representatives to an IMF-World Bank assembly to be hold in Bali in October.

“We are formulation to use Airbus A320 aircraft [for a new route],” pronounced Andy.

Citilink already serves a approach track between Jakarta and Banyuwangi with dual flights a day.

“The growth of a Jakarta-Banyuwangi track is really good, with a bucket cause of 80 percent. That’s because we are really confident about this ubiquitous route,” he added.

Blimbingsari Airport ubiquitous manager Anton Marthalius pronounced a growth of a airfield was surpassing well. In 2011, a series of passengers served grew by usually 7,826 people from a year before, though a series of new passengers has given increasing by some-more than 2,300 percent, reaching 188,949 in 2017.

“This year, a growth is also positive. On normal we offer 1,000 passengers per day. Other than weekends, a bucket cause on weekdays is also high,” Anton added. (kes) 

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