Bridge joining Java and Bali? Banyuwangi creates proposal, Bali resists

The Bali supervision is not on house with a new offer from a monarch of Banyuwangi, East Java that a overpass be built by a Bali Strait, joining Bali and Java.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika pronounced this isn’t a initial time such a offer has come adult and that a people of Bali have been rejecting this thought for a past 15 years. 

The purpose of a overpass would apparently be to assistance assuage a ever-backed adult queues for trucks creation a channel around vessel between a East Java pier in Ketapang and a Bali pier in Gilimanuk. Pastika says, however, in that case, a harbors need to be revitalized to urge their services since a overpass would usually lead to some-more people flitting by Bali and some-more congestion. 

Pastika argued that a series of trucks flitting from Java to places serve east, over Bali in NTB and NTT would start to go by Bali if there was a bridge, instead of bypassing it as they do now, around boat. 

Putu Artha, a monarch of Jembrana, Bali where a Gilimanuk Port is located, is subsidy Pastika adult on this. Sort of. Artha says a bottleneck during a harbors is a problem for a pier authorities to repair and that a overpass shouldn’t be built now, though he left it open for a future.

“I don’t consider it’s a right time, we haven’t nonetheless oral on rejecting or usurpation a construction of a bridge. The time report during a pier should be set for improved using of sea transport,” Artha said, as quoted by Tribun Bali

And on tip of that, internal residents in Bali have also demonstrated resistance during a awaiting of a overpass being built, with some netizens even arguing that a mythology is that a dual islands were once conjoined, though now they are meant to be distant and joining them would disaster with a sanctification of Bali. 


On a other hand, from a Java side of things, we’re wondering if this overpass could be about some-more than only swarming pier issues and is maybe instead a ploy to assistance a tourism conditions in Banyuwangi, as developers have been trying to put a city on a map as a some-more mainstream traveller destination. 

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