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Banyuwangi regency in East Java is set to attract 2 million tourists subsequent year, as a approach moody from Jakarta to Banyuwangi will be handling soon.

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Those looking for journey might deliberate a list below.

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Mount Ijen

The Ijen volcano formidable is famous for a blue glow and turquoise-green sulfur lake.

The former is a healthy phenomenon, that can usually be found in Ijen and Iceland. The blue glow comes from a crater’s sulfuric gas, that ignites as it emerges and comes in hit with a air. To see a blue fire, visitors need to travel for around dual hours to strech a crater. reported that a blue glow usually appears during night, before 5 a.m. The movement area opens during 1 a.m. and closes during 12 p.m. after sunrise.

As for a latter, tourists can see a pleasing lake from a caldera wall in a morning.

How to get there: From Banyuwangi’s city center, expostulate or lease a automobile to a final stop before climbing Paltuding. In Paltuding, tourists can park their vehicles or set adult a tent. Those who do not imagination camping might expostulate from Banyuwangi’s city core in a core of a night.

Bangsring Underwater

Situated 50 kilometers divided from Banyunwangi’s city center, Bangsring underwater is a charge area managed by Samudra Bakti fishermen group. Over a past 8 years, a organisation managed to revive a coral reefs and teach a fishermen about a sea life home among pleasing coral colonies in a purify sea.

Similar to other islands, snorkeling and diving are a many common activities in Brangsing Underwater. However, in Bangsring tourists can also attend in coral embankment replacement activities along with a fishermen.

Bangsring Underwater also offers a baby shark-feeding activity on floating houses as good as an event to go swimming with a sharks.

After a outing to Bangsring Underwater, visitors are suggested to dump by to void Tabuhan island. Located along a Bali Strait, a white sandy beach and mangrove timberland are managed exclusively by internal fishermen, creation it a must-see beach to see while visiting Banyuwangi.

How to get there: From Banyuwangi sight station, lease a automobile or ojek (motorbike taxi) to Brangsing village. From Ketapang Banyuwangi train terminal, lease a automobile to a village. Brangsing underwater also provides convey car.

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Pulau Merah Beach

Nestled in Sumberagung village, Pesanggaran district, Pulau Merah Beach is located 67 kilometers divided from Banyuwangi’s city center. 

The beach is a renouned surfing spot, that is a pleasantness of a open silt and waves that can grow in distance adult to 3 meters.

In further to surfing, Pulau Merah Beach is also suitable for landscape photographers, as they can take photographs of a monumental sunset.

How to get there: The beach is a three-hour expostulate divided from Banyuwangi. It can be reached by automobile or motorcycle. Those looking for open travel can take a train to Ujang Jaya in a instruction of Pesanggaran encampment from a city center. Stop during a Pesanggaran marketplace afterwards continue by ojek to Pulau Merah.

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Teluk Ijo

Teluk Ijo’s transparent clear immature H2O and white sandy beach creates it Banyuwangi’s best-kept secret. Situated in Sarongan village, a immature brook is partial of Meru Betiri National Park.

Tourists can float or relax around a bay. Those who wish to stay in Teluk Ijo might need a assent from Meru Betiri National Park.

How to get there: Drive to a fishermen encampment in Rajekwesi beach. If a continue is good, tourists can bound on a fishermen’s vessel to go to Teluk Ijo. However, if a continue is bad, visitors might travel by a hills and timberland to strech Teluk Ijo.

Pine timberland area

Banyuwangi’s hunger timberland is located in Sumberbulu village, Songgon district. A newly non-stop traveller spot, a unresolved lanterns and red umbrellas have turn now iconic, handling to take a courtesy of internal tourists. 

The activities on offer embody tree residence climbing, trekking, cycling, safari jeep rides, outbound activities and camping.

How to get there: Pine timberland can be reached by private automobile or motorbike. (asw)

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