Banyuwangi’s De Djawatan Benculuk attracts visitors to enchanting woods – The Jakarta Post

Visitors to Banyuwangi in East Java might wish to stop by De Djawatan Benculuk, a sprawling immature area with unique, soaring trees. 

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Located 45 kilometers from a Banyuwangi city center, a area measures some 6 hectares in size.

“This area is owned by [state-owned forestry firm] Perhutani. The locals call it a timberland in a city. The trees here are trembesi trees,” Puji Widodo, a Perhutani’s internal timberland ranger told recently.  

Puji combined that a De Djawatan Benculuk area had been grown [for recreational purposes] over a past 3 months and was now confirmed in team-work with a Banyuwangi Tourism Agency. Puji pronounced it formerly served as a teak timber area.

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“The trembesi trees are some-more than 100 years old,” he said.

The De Djawatan Benculuk area government has prepared several print spots for visitors. Two of a spots are towering to means a good perspective of a trees as good as on aged trucks on a belligerent for photographs.

Footpaths are also set out for visitors who wish to walks around a woods. The area is already renouned for pre-wedding cinema and as a cruise destination. 

Celin, 26, a caller from Jember, pronounced she had found out about a park on Instagram. She had come to revisit it with some friends from university. 

“I had creatively suspicion it would be only average. When we came here, it incited out to be even improved than on Instagram. It’s like [being in] the Lord of a Rings,” Celin said, referring to a anticipation movie. (liz/kes) 

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