Banyuwangi to Develop Green Airport

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Banyuwangi administration, East Java, has reliable that it will rise immature airport concept.

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas pronounced that a segment boasts a digital society. He pronounced that a administration will not usually rise roads though also technology.

As a result, Banyuwangi tourism has gained recognition among both domestic and unfamiliar tourists. Therefore, a administration will reanimate a atmosphere ride sector.

“It’s a initial immature airfield in Indonesia; regulating a ABPD [regional budget]; if we use a APBN, it would cost Rp300 billion; with a APBD, it’s usually Rp75 billion,” Abdullah Azwar pronounced yesterday, Aug 3.

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He pronounced that immature airfield judgment will not need an endless cultivation farm. The cultivation land should be owned by a people, he added. Moreover, a judgment will also use interior pattern products done by locals.

“We wish to safeguard that immature airfield will not take adult a lot of space, [the land] should instead be used for rural landscapes,” pronounced Abdullah.


Direct flights from Jakarta to Banyuwangi have already been determined by Lion Air Group and dwindle conduit Garuda Indonesia. Abdullah pronounced that Garuda will open one some-more track to Banyuwangi.

“Banyuwangi used to have usually one moody route; there are 3 now since we are a usually district that got an A from a Bureaucratic Reform Ministry.”

The Regent pronounced that they will pierce quick to daub into large tourism potential. Aside from building a airport, he will also build some-more bedrooms and hotels.

Banyuwangi, a Muslim infancy district, will also settle halal tourism. Abdullah pronounced that he will rise a special beach for womanlike tourists.


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