Banyuwangi to contest during ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award 2017 – The Jakarta Post

The city of Banyuwangi in East Java has been comparison by a Tourism Ministry to paint Indonesia during a ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award (ACTC Award) 2017 slated in October.

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Two traveller attractions in Banyuwangi that will contest with other Southeast Asian destinations are Bangsring Under Water (Bunder) and Grand New Watudodol (GWD).

Apart from Banyuwangi, 6 Indonesian regencies and cities will also attend in a event, namely Surakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Singaraja, Batu and Semarang.

Banyuwangi Culture and Tourism Agency conduct M. Yanuarto Bramuda pronounced a group is now focusing on cleaning adult and improving a dual tourists attractions, including by stealing travel vendors (PKL) around GWD that frequently caused trade overload and accidents.

Yanuarto pronounced Banyuwangi was selected to contest during a eventuality due to a judgment of ecotourism and efforts in building tourism formed on environment, inlet conservation, amicable and informative empowerment and internal economy.

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“With this concept, a series of traveller revisit to Banyuwangi continues to increase; it went from 500,000 domestic tourists in 2010 to 4 million people in 2016. As for unfamiliar tourists, [the number] went from 7,000 to 75,000. The series of passengers during Blimbingsari Airport also increasing by 1,340 percent from 7,826 people in 2010 to 112,000 people in 2016,” pronounced Yanuarto.

Banyuwangi has formerly warranted 5 Adipura awards for being a purify city. It currently has 620 daily freelance workers who say a city’s cleanliness. Several CCTVs are also commissioned in some rivers to guard people who chuck balderdash into a river. Sluice gates opposite a city have also been revamped and renovated.

Among a criteria for a purify traveller city are environmental management, cleanliness, rubbish doing and lifting a recognition of environmental refuge and cleanliness. Other last factors are a accessibility of immature rooms, safety, health, confidence and tourism infrastructure and facilities.

“Banyuwangi has practical all of these; what’s left now is monitoring and prepping for a assessment,” pronounced Yanuarto.

In terms of accessibility, a Blimbingsari Airport now serves daily flights from Jakarta to Banyuwangi and strives to turn an general airfield by 2019. (kes)

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