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A surfer gets prepared to float a waves during Merah Island in Banyuwangi, East Java.

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In a East Java city of Banyuwangi, tourists come for a ‘€œdragon’€ ‘€” a dragon nightfall of Merah Island; seiryuu, a blue glow entrance out of Mount Ijen void that is named after a fabulous dragon; and a uninformed void of coffee.

Sounds from a small tern and a helmeted hornbill greeted a morning sun, that streaked a sky red during Merah Island Beach in Banyuwangi, located during a many eastern tip of Java.

The sounds were a pointer for Australian Rebecca Stefanie to get her roller house ready.

‘€œI’€™m training to roller here before contrast a waves in Plengkung,’€ pronounced a 36-year-old, referring to a other beach in Banyuwangi, that was touted for carrying a second best waves for surfing after Hawaii.

Apart from Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra or Bali’€™s Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, Banyuwangi’€™s Merah Island is also renouned among surfers for a severe waves.

The island has regained general approval given a regency administration hold Tour de Ijen general bicycle competition in Dec final year. It became some-more renouned after hosting a Banyuwangi International Surfing Competition in May this year.  
Two dancers perform Banyuwangi'€™s gandrung normal dance.Two dancers perform Banyuwangi'€™s gandrung normal dance.Two dancers perform Banyuwangi’€™s gandrung normal dance.
President of Indonesia Surfing Association, Jro Made Supatra Karang, pronounced Plengkung Beach is eminent internationally among veteran surfers, with 3 turn call heights. Merah Island usually has one turn call height, creation it ideal for beginners.

Merah Island, however, has improved highway entrance than Plengkung, he added. ‘€œMerah Island is an choice for surfers who wish to move their families,’€ Jro said.

Merah Island is one of 15 islands in Banyuwangi, with a white sandy beach stretching some 3 kilometers. Located 70 km south of Banyuwangi city, it’€™s famous as dragon nightfall for a glow red thoughtfulness of a nightfall on a sand, that reminds people of a dragon’€™s fire.

Head of Merah Island community, Muswandi, pronounced that many surfers from Bali wish to serve rise a place as
a surfing site due to a severe waves, that resemble Kuta, Legian and Seminyak beaches.

‘€œMany surfers find Merah Island’€™s waves outlandish and it’€™s deliberate stable with not many reefs,’€ he says.

Apart from a pleasing scenery, a island is also home to a temple, that annually hosts Melasti protocol by a Hindus.

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas pronounced that a administration continues to rise ecotourism in a regency while holding into comment internal enlightenment and a knowledge of a people. The regency is also home to Alas Purwo National Park and Mount Ijen’€™s crater, that is frequently visited by tourists, including Japanese and French tourists.
Tourists watch blue glow during Mount Ijen.Tourists watch blue glow during Mount Ijen.Tourists watch blue glow during Mount Ijen.
He pronounced a administration has done a spatial devise in sequence to safety a ecotourism sites ‘€” called a solid triangle, comprising a Alas Purwo National Park, Mount Ijen’€™s void and Merah Island.

Climbing a 2,368-meter Mount Ijen is something that is not to be missed while in Banyumas. At a crater, many tourists wait to declare a seiryuu blue flame, a figure of that is identical to a bluish immature fabulous dragon.

Apart from a beach and a mountain, Banyuwangi, that is located some 300 km from a range collateral Surabaya and some 100 km from Bali collateral Denpasar, is home to a inhabitant park, a medium of  a banteng (Bos javanicus), also famous as tembadau, a class of furious cattle found in Southeast Asia.

‘€œThere is no other place that hosts a beach, a towering and a biodiversity abounding pleasant forest, that is also home to a stable banteng. We call a regency ‘€˜The Sunrise of Java’€™,’€ Anas said.  

In a wish to locate a glance of seiryuu, visitors should stand adult Mount Ijen around midnight. After 3 hours climb, visitors can see a blue flame, that will disappear during sunrise. Under a sun, visitors can suffer a perspective of a crater’€™s greenish lake, that reaches 182-meters deep.

‘€œYou have to travel down a void to see a blue glow given it will be go divided during around 5:30 a.m.,’€ pronounced Abdus, a sulfur miner, who also works as a guide.

The blue glow formula from sulfur banishment routine inside a sulfur-rich mountain.
Merah Island.Merah Island.Merah Island.
‘€œApart from Mt. Ijen, a blue glow materialisation can also be noticed in Iceland,’€ pronounced Bambang Heri Purwanto, an consultant from a Vulcanology and Disaster Mitigation Center.

After visiting Mt. Ijen, visitors could also take a coffee debate by profitable a revisit to a Arabica and Robusta coffee camp in Kali Bendo River area, located around 6 kilometers from Kemiren encampment in Glagah district.

‘€œVisitors can stop by during Genjah Arum seminar during Kemiren encampment to see how a coffee is done while sipping a uninformed brew,’€ pronounced Setiawan Subekti, a coffee tester whose repute in compelling coffee and Osing enlightenment to a general universe done him famous as a coffee dragon from Banyuwangi.

In Dec final year, 14 Miss Coffee contestants from countries including Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, a Netherlands as good as Indonesia visited his coffee place.

However, Setiawan pronounced that he is not a coffee businessman.

‘€œI only wish to learn people a right approach to suffer their coffee for free. we also wish to deliver Banyuwangi as a country’€™s coffee place to a world.’€

‘€” Photos by Indra Harsaputra

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