Banyuwangi Representing Indonesia to Compete in ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award 2017

BANYUWANGI, NETRALNEWS.COM – The Ministry of Tourism appoints Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province to paint Indonesia in a ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award (ACTC) 2017.

Banyuwangi transport end will contest with other cities in Southeast Asia to grasp a top endowment of tourism in a ASEAN level.

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“This is a honour as good as a tough charge for us as one of a member of Indonesia in a purify tourism foe in Southeast Asia. While being new actor in tourism sector, we continue to revamp a traveller destinations, generally cleanliness,” pronounced Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in Banyuwangi, Saturday (9/16/2017).

Banyuwangi was comparison as a hopeful of a purify traveller city since a tourism zone in a regency nicknamed “The Sunrise of Java” is invariably struggling with a judgment of ecotourism. Banyuwangi succeeded in building environmentally sound tourism with a priority aspects of inlet conservation, socio-cultural empowerment and internal village economy.

In addition, he continued Banyuwangi for 5 times in a quarrel achieved Adipura, a pitch of civic hygiene leverage in Indonesia since tourism can't be distant from environmental hygiene factors.

“If a sourroundings is dirty, it is unfit for tourists to come in, so we always inspire people to say cleanliness, including traveller attractions. In fact in a final 3 years, we continue to reason a purify toilets festival as a form of a hygiene campaign,” Anas pronounced as quoted from Antara.

Meanwhile Acting Tourism Department Head MY Bramuda pronounced that some tourism objects in Banyuwangi will contest with hundreds of other tourism objects in Southeast Asia, so Bangsring Underwater tourism in Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo Sub-district and Grand New Watudodol (GWD) of Ketapang Village, Kalipuro Sub-district are comparison to attend in ACTC Award 2017 competition.

“Both objects are comparison since a managers have a same prophesy in a matter of hygiene, for instance Bangsring tourism, intermittently they entice a village around a plcae for a work to purify a rubbish by loudspeakers, generally during rise hours. This is also an preparation to visitors to equivocate littering,” he said. (*)

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