Banyuwangi Regent Apologies over Compulsory Hijab during School

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas has apologized to Yenima Swandina Alfa, a Christian tyro who was denied opening into SMPN 3 Genteng state youth high propagandize that practical a mandatory hijab rule.

Anas had a breakfast with a tyro in Banyuwangi, East Java, on a initial day of propagandize today.

The 44-year-old Regent has educated schools to throw manners that could distinguish formed on religion, ethnicity and race.

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The Regent pronounced that a box is a doctrine schooled for state polite apparatus. “Wearing a hijab for Muslim students would not a problem, though students who are not Muslims should not be forced to wear it. School manners contingency not discriminate, [they] contingency yield a same event regardless of SARA [religion and ethnicity],” Anas said.

Anas has called for honour for diversity. “I design farrago to be seen as an advantage to build a region, instead of hampering it,” he said.

On headmasters who released discriminatory rules, Anas has educated a Education Office to take measures. “The Education Office will investigate a models of warning and discipline. A unrelenting revelation is a smallest [punishment]. we have educated a Education Office to examination all manners during schools, don’t let them emanate manners contravening a inhabitant norms,” he said.


Earlier, a Christian tyro named Yenima was denied opening into SMPN 3 Genteng youth high propagandize in Banyuwangi due to mandatory hijab rule.

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Regent Anas has soon revoked a rule. “I wish this is a final one. We are perplexing to keep eremite people from a effects of Jakarta politics, instead, such a supportive order was issued,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yenima’s primogenitor Timotius Purno Ribowo has thanked Regent Anas for his quick response. “Actually, a problem has already been settled, though I’m overwhelmed by Pak Anas’ attention,” he said.

On a occasion, Anas encouraged Yenima who aspires to turn a midwife. Yenima has now been supposed by SMPN 1 Genteng youth high propagandize that is some-more renouned than SMPN 3 Genteng.




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