Banyuwangi Promotion, Regent Continues to Promote Banyuwangi as Tourist Destination

BAYUWANGI, NNC – Regent of Banyuwangi, Azwar Anas continues to take a beginning to boost traveller visits to his area. One eventuality that attracts tourists is Gandrung Sewu. He also voiced his thankfulness to President Joko Widodo and his staff for accelerating a growth of infrastructure in a Regency nicknamed Sunrise of Java.

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“Starting from a acceleration of Banyuwangi Airport. Road infrastructure and in a nearby destiny there will be support from Bank Indonesia for a construction of homestays in Banyuwangi,” Azwar Anas pronounced when opening a 2018 Gandrung Sewu.

The 2018 Gandrung Sewu itself carries a thesis “Kumendung Screen” that involves 1,173 dancers, 64 bit viewers, and 65 musicians. In this dance opening a choreography is interspersed with bit of a Kumendung Screen play with a ratio of 70 percent dances and 30 percent fragments.

The thesis of a Kumendung Screen that was lifted this year, shows a story of a intrepidity of a initial Banyuwangi Regent, Raden Mas Alit in hostile a Dutch VOC occupation. Although after Raden Mas Alit had to die in a journey speed and caused unhappiness (Kumendung) for a people of Banyuwangi.

“This is partial of 77 events in Banyuwangi. This eventuality is hold though veteran eventuality organizers. Banyuwangi might advance, Banyuwangi might rise though a enlightenment of Banyuwangi stays,” pronounced Azwar Anas, in a press recover on Sunday (10/21/2018).


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