Banyuwangi Plans to Connect 145 Villages With Fiber Optic Cable in 2017

The module aims to urge a peculiarity of open services, prolific mercantile activity, an boost in preparation and health, as good as misery expulsion efforts.

“The pattern for Smart Kampung is a accessibility of ICT, that serves as a fortitude of acceleration in open services during a encampment level,” Abdullah said.

The sustenance of ICT will cut transport time due to a geographical distance of Banyuwangi. The district conduct explained that it can take adult to 3 hours to transport from a farthest encampment to a city center.

“With Smart Kampung, a bureaucracy will all be finished during a encampment level, though it would take an fit ICT infrastructure,” Abdullah said.

He combined that Smart Kampung is already being adopted in 44 villages and pronounced he hopes to have all connected by 2017 to urge provincial competitiveness and build infrastructure.

He also hopes to urge vital standards as it would yield Banyuwangi residents with a tie for learning, business and networking.


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