Banyuwangi mining site risks triggering amicable conflict: Experts

A researcher from a Center for Political and Governance Research (Polgov) during Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta pronounced on Friday that bullion mining during Tumpang Pitu in Banyuwangi, East Java, risked causing amicable conflict.

Dian Lestariningsih of Polgov pronounced that a formula of a center’s investigate entitled Preventing Unchecked Exploitation of Natural Resources published in Aug 2015 showed that a odds of dispute arose from a government’s disaster to mind internal believe about Tumpang Pitu hill.

“Local people know that a 450-meter mountain acts as a form of healthy insurance opposite tsunamis, as a breaker of a southwesterly winds and as a signpost for internal fishermen,” Dian told The Jakarta Post.

Furthermore, Dian said, a mountain was also home to a Segara Tawang Alun temple, a place of ceremony for internal Hindus. This, she said, could also trigger dispute between a internal village and a mining company.

According to Dian, internal people are also disturbed about intensity repairs to a environment, healthy disasters, singular pursuit opportunities, final for remuneration and a disastrous impact on tourism.

Political consultant Purwo Santoso of UGM concurred, observant that internal village believe was a form of common believe that grew organically as a outcome of a brew of traditions, religions and innovations.

Both Islam and Hinduism, he said, taught a judgment of a propinquity between humans and their creator, between humans and inlet and between humans and other humans.


“Preventing repairs should be prioritized over exploiting [the site],” Purwo said.

As reported, in 2006 a Banyuwangi regency administration postulated a mining business permit to PT Indo Multi Niaga, that after eliminated a permit to PT Merdeka Copper Gold by a dual subsidiaries, namely PT Bumi Suksesindo (BS), that was given a right to work on 4,998 hectares, and PT Damai Suksesindo, that was to conduct 6,623 ha.

The internal village had uttered antithesis to a investiture of mining operations in 1997. The latest criticism was conducted on Nov. 25 final year, and finished in a contretemps between internal demonstrators and confidence personnel.

Ika, a internal journalist, pronounced that following a protest, antithesis to a mining activities was strong in interfaith girl organisation Banyuwangi Forum for Environmental Learning (BFEL) and activists from a Indonesian Forum for a Environment (Walhi).

The BFEL argues opposite a mining operation since it would bluster a existence of a Hindu temple, while Walhi has uttered concerns over intensity repairs to a environment.

Tumpang Pitu was formerly designated as a stable timberland area, though on Nov. 19, 2013, afterwards forestry apportion Zulkifli Hasan, who is now chair of a People’s Consultative Assembly and leads a National Mandate Party, altered a standing of a timberland from stable timberland to prolongation forest, paving a approach for mining operations to begin.

Separately, a Banyuwangi Balinese Hindu leader, Nyoman Pageh Yasa, pronounced that bullion mining activities on Tumpang Pitu did not disquiet a use of rituals during a church and a surroundings.

“I have with me a environmental impact research of a bullion cave and a church is located really distant from a mining benefaction area. The mining companies have also uttered their joining not to disquiet a rituals,” Nyoman pronounced on Friday.

However, on Tuesday, BFEL coordinator Ari Restu reiterated a interfaith group’s antithesis to a mining activities, insisting that a operation did discredit a continued existence of a temple.


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