Banyuwangi Holds Kampong Temenggungan Festival

TEMPO.CO, Banyuwangi – People in Temenggungan village, Banyuwangi, East Java, hold a informative eventuality Kampong Temenggungan Festival. The festival was hold in partnership with encampment of artists from around Indonesia.

“This is a festival that is directed to foster intensity of a art and culture, crafts and story of Temenggungan people,” Bacjtiar Djanan, a Public Relation staff of a festival told Antara in Banyuwangi on Saturday.

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There was also a stipulation of Temenggungan Tourism Village in a event. The village, or kampong, is believed to be located strategically in a center of a town, right behind Banyuwangi Regent’s hall. Variety of art performances such as normal music, contemporary music, universe music, culinary, as good as print and portrayal exhibitions.





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