Banyuwangi Establishes Its Steps as Center of Garlic Production

BANYUWANGI, NNC — In sequence to grasp garlic confidence in 2021, Banyuwangi Regency now becomes one of a centers for building garlic launched by a Ministry of Agriculture.

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With a middle tallness of around 650 meters above sea level, a land around a Ijen crater, that was formerly unproductive, now is remade into a fruitful area of garlic land.

Director of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants during a Directorate General of Horticulture, Prihasto Setyanto, during a operative revisit reviewing a plcae of garlic growth to Banyuwangi on Saturday (09/29/2018) was vacant to see a area of garlic between rice fields. Garlic is indeed a subtropical plant that grows during a comparatively cold heat even towards a cold, and needs adequate water.

“I see a pivotal is in abounding water, endorsed seeds, and eager farmers. For a distance of a budding farmers, a halt formula are good. The upkeep needs to be softened to furnish large tubers,” pronounced Prihasto, in a created matter perceived by Netralnews. “Don’t be late in watering since no matter how good a seeds are if lacking water, a tubers will not be optimal,” he added.

The success of a growth of garlic land in Banyuwangi is inseparable from a imperative planting module for garlic importers as regulated in Ministry of Agriculture Regulation No. 38 of 2017.

It settled that garlic importers are thankful to plant 5 percent of a volume of their import applications.

The unrestrained of a Banyuwangi village to rise garlic also looked good. More than only obligation, many initiatives emerged from a developer of garlic there both companies and farmers.

One of a initiatives for this module came from a member who was thankful to plant garlic, that is now a manager of Lijen, Banyuwangi, that is, PT Sinar Padang Sejahtera (SPS). To accommodate a prolongation aim of during slightest 6 tons per hectare, a association did not demur to understanding with prolongation by building a 3-inch siren irrigation that was taken distant above a 6 km towering slope or some-more than 1,500 PVC pipes.

“We pulled it from a open during a feet of Mount Ranti and afterwards accommodated it in a mini pool in a uppermost area. Then it was distributed by sobriety to H2O a area of 116 hectares of garlic with smaller pipes with a hole of dual inches,” pronounced a land manager of PT SPS.

In addition, Prihasto also saw that a module also incited out to move certain impacts to farmers. One of them, farmers around a plcae got annoyed to attend in planting garlic as happened in several villages in Banyuwangi Regency. A rancher organisation took a beginning to rise garlic plantations after saying directly a plantations owned by a importer PT SPS in Lijen.

Currently in Songgon Subdistrict, for example, it has planted 25 hectares of garlic during an altitude of 650 m above sea turn with assistance from a 2018 State Budget activities. Its locations embody Sragi Village and Bayu Village.

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