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Banyuwangi in East Java is one of a nation’s categorical producers of dragon fruit, flourishing a fruit in a accumulation of ways, including organically, for tourists visiting a region.

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At a feet of Gunung Raung lies Tegalarum village, that is famous for a organic dragon fruit that is cultivated by farmers belonging to a Pucangsari rancher group, a internal encampment comprising 80 farmers.

“Since a beginning, we had planted dragon fruit organically with no chemical injections, and a fertilizers used were also organic. The dragon fruit constructed by a encampment farmers was certified,” Pucangsari head Rukiyan recently told

Rukiyan pronounced a advantage of organic dragon fruit was that it lasted adult to 25 days as against to 7 to 10 days as was a box with a non-organic counterpart.

The dragon fruit collect deteriorate in Tegalarum encampment starts in Dec and lasts until May. In a singular season, a organisation harvests approximately 1,600 tons of fruit over 40 hectares of land.

“With Rp 40 million per hectare in capital, we could acquire Rp 560 million (US$ 41,384) any season, that was about 6 months,” Rukiyan said. 

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He explained that, any month, Pucangsari sent 40 tons of a fruit to Jakarta, 15 tons to Malang and 8 tons to Bogor, Bali and Blitar. The normal distance of an organic dragon fruit is between 4 to 6 ounces.

“We sent 4 tons per month to Singapore. There was indeed a large direct though we sought to say quality,” Rukiyan said. 

Meanwhile, Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas pronounced a internal supervision had non-stop an organic furnish store during Banyuwangi Airport that includes a dragon fruit from Tegalaraum village.

“The organic dragon fruit could be a souvenir. You could go true to a encampment or buy it during a airport. We had packaged it in a approach that was attractive,” Anas said.

Anas combined that a Banyuwangi supervision lerned farmers on good rural and doing practices in sequence to safeguard high-quality production.

Anas pronounced Banyuwangi was one of a nation’s categorical dragon fruit producers, adding that a expanded farms opposite a regency could be grown into traveller destinations. Currently, a sum of around 117,700 tons of dragon fruit in Banyuwangi is harvested from around 2,280 hectares of land. (liz/asw)

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