Banyuwangi during core of subsequent tourism expostulate in Europe

Banyuwangi in East Java is famous for a healthy beauty and informative attractions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by a Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, skeleton to foster a city in Belgium as good as other European countries.

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Antara news group reported that officials from a Indonesian Embassy in Brussels had discussed a traveller selling plans.

“We have listened a lot about Banyuwangi tourism [and] a several festivals. we satisfied that [Banyuwangi tourism] has a intensity to be promoted in European countries, quite Belgium,” pronounced Meri Astrid Indriasari, a trade attaché of a Indonesian Embassy in Brussels.

Meri combined that traveller attractions in Banyuwangi enclosed enlightenment and scenery, creation it an appealing end for European tourists.

Wahidah Maghriby, a rural attaché during a Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, combined that European tourists had a gusto for art and enlightenment as good as healthy beauty, all of that could be found in Banyuwangi.

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Wahidah also mentioned that a Indonesian Embassy was formulation to prominence dual attractions of Banyuwangi, namely a normal Gandrung Dance and a Ijen crater.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose Brussels as a city was deliberate a vital selling place.  

“The city is a core of a European Union [and serves] as a anxiety for all European countries. Belgium’s sum domestic product (GDP) is really high, and a economy is really good, creation it a good aim [market],” pronounced Wahidah.

In further to a marketplace potential, Belgium frequently hosts a Festival d’Indonesia. Moreover, a Indonesian Embassy in Brussels also runs House of Indonesia, a permanent arrangement of Indonesian products, including Banyuwangi’s products, such as chocolate, coffee, organic furnish and fishery products. (jes/wng)

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