Bang Dzoel photographer with good zeal

“Don’t demeanour during me, usually inspect a photos I’ve shot,” pronounced photographer Achmad “Bang Dzoel” Zulkarnain, when he initial met with The Jakarta Post in Jakarta recently.

“I’m delving into photography. we usually wish my cinema to be seen as my artistic products but comparing them with my condition,” Dzoel, who is affectionately dubbed “Bang Dzoel Koplak” (Crazy Bro Dzoel) by his detailed village peers in Banyuwangi, East Java, added.

Dzoel, accompanied by Agus, a staffer from a Darwis Triadi School of Photography, recently visited camera and tool placement association Datascrip in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, to have his camera serviced.

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He was also invited by a propagandize to investigate photography generally for conform and displaying shoots. Datascrip lent him a camera and lens to capacitate him to lift out his activity.

Born in Banyuwangi on Oct. 7, 1992, Dzoel has been intent in detailed work for a final several years with good formula notwithstanding his earthy condition.


The youngest of 3 siblings, with dual sisters carrying ideal limbs, Dzoel has even managed to self-fund college. 

“I initial worked for some time in Surabaya as a motivator for Helen Keller International Indonesia, a non-government hospital for a blind, before returning home to join a cybercafé and a low-pitched group, Almumtaz, with associate graduates of Banyuwangi’s unusual youth high propagandize as members,” Dzoel said.

At a café, Bang Dzoel began to uncover an seductiveness in photography.

Watch and learn: Photographer Darwis Triadi (left) shares some snaps with Dzoel.

Watch and learn: Photographer Darwis Triadi (left) shares some snaps with Dzoel.Watch and learn: Photographer Darwis Triadi (left) shares some snaps with Dzoel. (JP/P. J. Leo)

His oddity about a art serve grew and he was even some-more fervent to snap as he reason a camera borrowed from a colleague.

From afterwards on, he and his peers started photographing residents requesting for central temperament cards.

In 2013, Dzoel met Wahyudi, a law bureau owners who also mostly gave eremite lectures to his Almumtaz band.

“I was after employed in his law office. After earning my monthly pay, we was means of furthering my college studies and assisting my parents,” he recalled.

He was afterwards means to buy his possess camera and accessories on credit.

During vacations, Dzoel explored photography on a educated basement with his peers by doing several projects. To attract business wishing to use his services, Dzoel posted his cinema on Facebook and other amicable media.

Prospective clients, primarily jealous Dzoel’s talent, eventually sought his detailed services for birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, pre-wedding sessions, marriage ceremonies and several other occasions after saying a peculiarity of his work.

By a finish of 2015, Dzoel took leave of deficiency from his studies and quiescent from a bureau after his mom upheld divided from breast cancer, while stability his detailed business.

Dzoel’s passion and high-quality photography began to bear fruit as he perceived some-more and some-more approval as a photographer in a local, inhabitant and even general scenes.

His critical efforts in practicing his qualification in his hometown of Banyuwangi warranted him an invitation in 2016 from Jakarta’s Metro TV to seem on a speak show.

Focus: Dzoel maintains a solid restraint while holding photos.

Focus: Dzoel maintains a solid restraint while holding photos.Focus: Dzoel maintains a solid restraint while holding photos. (JP/P. J. Leo)

Aljazeera TV afterwards followed by visiting Dzoel in Banyuwangi in Apr 2017. Other TV stations have also organised programs for Dzoel during his revisit to Jakarta.

Some detailed communities outward Banyuwangi have also invited Dzoel to join their activities, such as Cinnamon Equal Photography, that orderly a print foe for a infirm on Aug. 17 in Bandung, West Java.

Senior conform photographer Darwis Triadi, one of a judges in a competition, was astounded to see Dzoel holding a camera with his marred arms.

“Committee crew pronounced a infirm male walking past my list was Dzoel, a photographer from Banyuwangi,” Darwis said.

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“After being introduced, we asked Dzoel, ‘can we take pictures?’ he replied, ‘yes sir.’ ‘Now give me a snap’ and a result, wow, it was amazing,” he added.

For Darwis, Dzoel’s stability in a office of this art with his incapacity should be upheld since in his perspective photography is a approach of life rather than usually a profession.

Therefore, Darwis motionless to explain broader detailed believe by mouth-watering Dzoel to investigate in his school. The other aim is to obviate any marginalization of Dzoel and people with disabilities.

Future invitations to Dzoel embody a furloughed seminar to comparison high schools in Surabaya mid-November for an introduction to photography, and a seminar on photography in Hong Kong to give an overview of a art to Indonesian migrant workers.

Dzoel is formulation to reason a print muster featuring his associate Banyuwangi youth high propagandize graduates and Almumtaz rope members.

“I am going to arrangement my infirm friends and peers in their eccentric activities so as to pull a government’s courtesy to a infirm group,” Dzoel said.

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