Australian cyclist Culey wins 3rd theatre of Tour d’Indonesia – Xinhua |

JAKARTA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) — Australian cyclist Marcus Culey finished initial in a 3rd theatre of a Tour de Indonesia on Wednesday.

Culey, from a Malaysian Sapura Cycling Team, took 4 hours, 15 mins and 35 seconds to delight in a 195.9km theatre that runs from Batu to Jember in East Java province.

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Rohan Du Plooy from Protouch, South Africa, notwithstanding being a best in a scurry category, finished as runner-up 32 seconds after Culey, while Japanese cyclist Yudai Arashiro from Kinan Cycling Team posted third place.

Cyclists will contest on Thursday in a fourth theatre of a five-stage race, a 151.9km float from Jember to Banyuwangi.

The Tour de Indonesia has captivated a sum of 18 teams this year.

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