Asian Games Torch Relay Set to Meet Mount Ijen and the Blue Flame

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The district of Banyuwangi is set to showcase several informative attractions on welcoming a 2018 Asian Games fire send in Jul 21-July 22 that will see a Asian Games fire be taken to a rise of Mount Ijen.

“The attainment of a Asian Games fire send will be remade into a tourism graduation event,” pronounced Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas on Tuesday, Jul 17.

The Asian Games fire will be taken to a rise of a towering that is internationally famous for a blue fire phenomenon.

After a fire peaks, it will afterwards be taken to a Pendopo Banyuwangi by a city’s categorical roads by internal athletes and members of a open that has poignant contributions towards a region.

The roads that will be upheld by a fire will showcase countless Banyuwangi  attractions such as Gandrung, racial carnival, adult to a Barong attraction. The Asian Games excitement will be combined by an ongoing internal agribusiness commodity festival and a low-pitched opening from Lalare Orchestra.





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