Alternative ways to strech Banyuwangi by land – Tips

Mount Agung’s new tear momentarily disrupted flights to and from Blimbing Sari Airport in Banyuwangi progressing this week, as volcanic charcoal from a adjacent island of Bali acted a risk to aircraft. 

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But planes are not a usually approach to strech one of East Java’s many renouned transport destinations, that is also home to a Ijen Crater that is famous for a singular blue glow and bluish void lake.

Here are choice paths to strech Banyuwangi, as gathered by

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Several buses portion a Jakarta-Bali track make a stop in Banyuwangi. However, this choice takes a longest — design to time in approximately 25 hours on a road, depending on traffic. 

There are also sight routes roving from a adjacent East Java cities of Surabaya and Malang. To cut down on roving time, locate a moody from Jakarta to a circuitously cities and continue by bus. 


Traveling by sight is another choice choice that, however, includes a transit. Passengers from Jakarta can locate a train either from Gambir Station for those on a northern line or Pasar Senen Station for those on a southern line. 

There are no approach sight services to Banyuwangi. For a northern route, passengers roving from Jakarta Gambir can conduct to Surabaya, possibly to a Surabaya Pasar Turi or Surabaya Gubeng stations. 

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From Surabaya movement during Banyuwangi Baru Station. The transport time from Jakarta is estimated to be between 16 and 17 hours. 

For a southern line, passengers should conduct to Yogyakarta from Pasar Senen, interlude during Lempuyangan. From there switch trains to Banyuwangi Baru around Surabaya. In total, it would take approximately 22 hours to strech a destination.

To cut down on roving time, cruise mixing a moody and a train ride. 

Fly into Juanda International Airport in Surabaya and conduct to Gubeng Station to continue by sight to Banyuwangi. 

It is also probable to fly into Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport in Malang and take a sight from Malang Kota Lama Station to Banyuwangi. (liz/kes)

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