A New Gateway to West Bali?


Kompas.com reports that a Ministry of Transportation has announced an goal to settle a new atmosphere track joining Jakarta and Banyuwangi in East Java.

The new atmosphere track is set to embark in Apr 2017 and would offer a faster tie from Jakarta to both East Java, and West and North Bali that are distant by usually a brief packet float from Banyuwangi.

During a revisit to a new newcomer depot during a Blimbingsari Banyuwangi Airport on Saturday, Dec 31, 2016, told a press that a moody operations to East Java wait a upgrading of a Airport’s runway from a sequence “29” cement to a stronger sequence “40” status.

The runway during Banyuwangi is also being widened to 35-meters.

The cost of runway and apron improvements during Banyuwangi is partial of an airfield ascent that has cost a Transportation Ministry Rp. 50 billion.


The long-term formulation of a Transportation Ministry is to eventually make Banyuwangi’s Blimbingsari Airport an general gateway to a many circuitously traveller attractions in East Java and Northwest Bali.

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