3 New Tourist Attractions in Banyuwangi

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBanyuwangi is famous for a Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen) though it is not a usually traveller end in a city in East Java. Banyuwangi has a lot to offer for travelers, such as inlet and culinary tourism.

Banyuwangi Regent Azwar Anas when met with Tempo on Feb 1 during a Tourism Ministry, endorsed several new traveller attractions. The following are 3 destinations value to explore:

1. Glenmore, a cacao-producing sub-district

Anas pronounced that Glenmore subdistrict is famous as one of a largest cacao producing regions in a world. “It’s been famous given a Dutch era,” he said. Thus, a Glenmore’s best offer is a chocolate tour.

The chocolate tour is located in Dusun Kakao (Cacao Village). The 4 of 1,500 hectares of plantation in a plcae is used as a traveller area. Visitors can ambience a accumulation of processed cacao as good as training about a camp and prolongation processes. A cacao festival will be hold on May 12. Visitors can learn about chocolate estimate during a festival.

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2. Brangsing Underwater

Banyuwangi has a well-preserved coral reefs nearby a waters of Tabuhan Island where people can snorkeling and see the beautiful under a sea view.

Brangsing opened for open in 2014. For roughly 4 years, it became one of a many favorites in a list of Banyuwangi flagship destinations. A Brangsing Underwater festival will be hold on Apr 4, as an bid to preserve a sea ecosystem. 

3. Songgon Pines

Travel in a hunger timberland has turn a trending activities in some regions in Indonesia, including in Banyuwangi. Tourists adore to take cinema at the hunger timberland located in Songgon Village.

A festival dubbed ‘A Week in Songgon’ will be hold on Apr 21-29. A array of events, such as archery festivals, fruit festivals, and art performances, will be hold for a whole week.



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